LDK First Impressions http://ldkfirstimpressions.com Single Family Residence Home Builder Located in MN Sun, 07 Aug 2016 05:03:06 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.5.9 2014 Spring Parade of Homes /ldk-first-impressions-2014-spring-parade-of-homes/ /ldk-first-impressions-2014-spring-parade-of-homes/#respond Tue, 25 Feb 2014 01:58:51 +0000 /?p=4394 The 2014 Spring Parade of Homes is on March 1-30 and LDK First Impressions is proud to showcase our Summit model. Along with showcasing this beautiful home we are hosting 2 incredible events!

**Please note – Parade #44 will NOT be open during the parade of homes and no events will take place at this home. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you will visit us at Parade #300.

Minnetonka #300

11212 Oberlin Road

Located in Hopkins School District, this “Summit” model features 3,585 finished sq. ft., 4 bedrooms + loft, 4 bathrooms including an incredible master bath suite with ceramic walk-in shower and wrap around master closet. Second floor laundry, jack & jill bathroom and storage galore. Main floor office, gourmet kitchen, stone fireplace and much more! Easy access to major highways.

Our Events

Cambria® Island Giveaway – Every weekend

HOME: 2014 Spring Preview 300
DATE: Saturday, March 1, 2014 (All day) to Sunday, March 30, 2014 (All day)
LOCATION: 11212 Oberlin Road Minnetonka

Tour any LDK First Impressions model and register to win a new countertop for your kitchen island courtesy of LDK First Impressions, Steve’s Floorcovering Inc., & Cambria®.

Home Maintenance Essentials – Every Saturday

HOME: 2014 Spring Preview 300
DATE: Saturday, March 1, 2014 (All day) to Sunday, March 30, 2014 (All day)
LOCATION: 11212 Oberlin Road, MinnetonkaFind out what you need to properly maintain your home?

Visit our models on Saturdays during the Spring Parade of Homes and pick up a gift for your home. Your home will thank you!

If you are interested in viewing additional model homes NOT featured in the Parade of Homes visit our model homes page. For more information about LDK First Impressions and the 2014 Parade of Homes, visit the Parade Homes website or follow along on our Facebook page. We hope to see you there!

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National Radon Awareness Month /national-radon-awareness-month/ /national-radon-awareness-month/#comments Mon, 13 Jan 2014 01:12:21 +0000 /?p=4182 rn_entryJanuary is National Radon Awareness Month and although are NOT radon experts, we are proud to be designated by the MN Department of Health as a Gold Standard Radon Resistant Builder.

To help raise awareness we obtained information directly from The MN Dept of Health’s website. Minnesota residents can purchase discounted radon test kits by visiting MN Dept of Health/Radon Test Kits.

What is Radon?

Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas that seeps up from the earth.

It is produced from the natural decay of uranium that is found in nearly all soils. Uranium breaks down to radium. As radium disintegrates it turns into radioactive gas…radon. As a gas, radon moves up through the soil and into the air you breathe.

While radon is present everywhere, and there is no known, safe level, your greatest exposure is where it can concentrate-indoors. And where you spend most time-at home. Your home can have radon whether it be old or new, well-sealed or drafty, and with or without a basement.

To download a brochure on keeping your home safe from Radon, click here.

How does Radon enter your home?

Since radon is produced from soil, it is present nearly everywhere. Because soil is porous radon gas is able to move up through the dirt and rocks and into the air we breathe. If allowed to accumulate, radon becomes a health concern.

Two components that affect how much radon will accumulate in a home are pathways and air pressure. These components will differ from home to home.

1.  Pathways are routes the gas uses to enter your home and found anywhere there is an opening between the home and the soil. (detailed info here)

2.  Air pressure between your home’s interior and the exterior soil is what helps to draw radon gas into the home via pathways.

Air Pressure

Minnesota homes commonly operate under a negative air pressure, especially during the heating season. What this means is that the air pressure inside your home is typically lower then the surrounding air and soil, and this creates a vacuum that pulls soil gases, such as radon, into the home via pathways. Even if the ground around the house is frozen or soaked by rain, the gravel and disturbed ground underneath the house remains warm and permeable, attracting radon gas from the surrounding soil.

Other factors also contribute to air pressure changes in a home, including:


Stack Effect
As warm air rises to the upper portions of a home, it is displaced by cooler, denser outside air. Some of that displaced air comes from the soil.


Down Wind Effect
Strong winds can create a vacuum as they blow over the top of the home.


Vacuum Effect
Combustion appliances like furnaces, hot water heaters and fireplaces, as well as exhaust fans and vents, can remove a considerable of air from a home. When air is exhausted, outside air enters the home to replace it. Some of this replacement air comes from the underlying soil.

Testing your home

A radon test is the only way to find out how much radon is in your home and if you and your family are at risk. Performing a radon test on your own is easy, inexpensive and takes only a few minutes of your time. The results of a properly performed radon test will help determine if you need to take further action to protect yourself from the health risks of radon. Minnesota residents can purchase discounted radon test kits by visiting MN Dept of Health/Radon Test Kits.

What does LDK First Impressions do to help with Radon?


As a builder we install a passive radon system vented through the sump pump. This passive system is designed to achieve lower sub-slab air pressure relative to indoor air pressure by use of a vent pipe through the sump pump, routed through the houseconnecting the sub-slab area with outdoor air (via the roof) thereby relying on the convective flow of air upward in the vent to draw air from beneath the slab. (See sample in upper right diagram here)

This system becomes an active system if a homeowner elects to have us install a radon vent ran. This fan is attached to the vent pipe of the passive system allowing it to drawing air from beneath the slab.


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LDK First Impressions in 2013 Fall Showcase Parade of Homes /ldk-first-impressions-in-2013-fall-showcase-parade-of-homes/ /ldk-first-impressions-in-2013-fall-showcase-parade-of-homes/#respond Thu, 05 Sep 2013 13:49:40 +0000 /?p=2550 The 2013 Fall Showcase Parade of Homes is on September 7-29 and LDK First Impressions is proud to showcase three model homes: #113, #185 and #192. Come check us out in the following locations:

Albertville #192

11357 West Laketowne Drive

Our “Summit” model has 3,500+ square feet on the upper two levels. This model features a gourmet kitchen, Cambria® countertops, solid wood floors, ceramic walk-in shower, stone fireplace and much more! Check out this great two-story in the Towne Lakes neighborhood of Albertville; close to the outlet mall!

Minnetonka #113

11212 Oberlin Road

Located in Hopkins School District, this “Summit” model features 3,585 finished sq. ft., 4 bedrooms + loft, 4 bathrooms including an incredible master bath suite with ceramic walk-in shower and wrap around master closet. Second floor laundry, jack & jill bathroom and storage galore. Main floor office, gourmet kitchen, stone fireplace and much more! Easy access to major highways.

Rogers #185

12129 Madison Circle

Great curb appeal, excellent quality, outstanding community and magnificent value is what you’ll find in our “Newport” model. Located in the Fletcher Hills Villas development of Rogers, this model showcases 4 bedrooms, 3 baths and 2,262 finished square feet.


For more information about LDK First Impressions and the 2013 Parade of Homes, visit the Parade Homes website or following along on our Facebook updates. We hope to see you there!

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35 years of know-how /35-years-of-know-how/ /35-years-of-know-how/#respond Wed, 21 Aug 2013 18:01:42 +0000 /?p=2082 LDK First Impressions is no new kid on the block when it comes to building homes. We have 35 years of experience, and we’ve learned a few things in those 35 years that set us apart from other builders and keep our customers coming back and referring us to friends. We love what we do and we understand the value of creating an exceptional product at a great value. It’s important for our business and especially for our customers. Here’s how we do it.

We don’t just build homes; we build relationships

Just like building a new home isn’t for every home buyer, building a new home with LDK First Impressions isn’t for everyone. We meet with all our potential clients and make sure we have a good fit and will have a good working relationship. When you build your home, you’re establishing a lasting relationship with your builder. Your home will be ready to move into in a few months, but the warranties last for up to 10 years. There is no “Here’s your house; see ya,” attitudes at LDK First Impressions, and buyers don’t want that. We work with our buyers for years making sure everything meets expectations. We are accountable for your home, and we take that seriously. That’s why we want to make sure we’re a good fit for every customer we work with. We’re not just building homes; we’re building relationships.

We work with the best


When it comes to actually building your home, we pay attention to the details. The first detail is the materials we use. We use high quality building materials that we know work; we don’t experiment to cut costs. We find the highest quality products that create good value for our customers. We don’t want any surprises, and neither do you.


At LDK First Impressions, we don’t use the cheapest contractors. We use the contractors who do the best job at the best price. Your foundation needs to be done properly. Your home’s frame needs to be straight. Your drywall needs to be hung perfectly. No exceptions. We use the same contractors to frame million dollar homes that we use to frame $300,000 homes.

When the market took a hit, our homes did not suffer quality. At LDK First Impressions we did not cut corners. We understand that building a high-quality product was the most important thing. Especially when our customer’s dollars had to go further, we knew they needed good value. Better products may cost a little more, but they last longer. Your home is a big investment; it’s important to do it right. The quality of your home is what our reputation is built on, and we always use the best.

We practice good business

We take care of our business so we can take care of our customers. At LDK First Impressions, we don’t over-invest and count on our customers to bail us out. We don’t need to sell you an expensive home to stay in business. No one will try to up-sell you or be greedy. We make sound business decisions so we can sell our customers the home they want where they want it. We’ve been doing that for 35 years. Our company stability means customers can trust us. We’ve already taken care of ourselves, and now we want to take care of you.

We may not be the biggest builder out there, but at LDK First Impressions we’ve mimicked the process that larger builders use while giving personalized service that you won’t get from a larger company. We have worked out our process in the 35 years we’ve been building homes. It works for us and it works for our customers. Building great homes at the best value is our priority, but over the 35 years we’ve learned we’re building much more than houses. We are proud to be a part of so many wonderful Minnesota communities.

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Client spotlight: Cambria -The true value of a high quality countertop /client-spotlight-cambria-the-true-value-of-a-high-quality-countertop/ /client-spotlight-cambria-the-true-value-of-a-high-quality-countertop/#respond Wed, 14 Aug 2013 08:00:34 +0000 /?p=2024 We’ve started a series of blog posts dedicated to highlighting the benefits of our partners, to ensure you receive the highest quality materials in each and every home. This week we are highlighting our partnership with Cambria, and why high quality countertops add to the value of your home.

Countertops and resale value

Due to the economy, more homeowners are choosing to stay in their homes and making improvements. According to Scott Jenewein, market representative with Cambria, updating your kitchen, namely adding new countertops, is the one place you will get your return on investment. Since the 1980s the kitchen has been transformed into the central hub of the house. Spending time and money to update your kitchen will surely add resale value to your home.

Granite vs. Quartz

The attractiveness of granite is it’s a natural stone, so every slab’s movements are unique; however, recent technological advances from Cambria take the same rare movements of granite and apply it to the production of quartz. With Cambria no two slabs of quartz are the same. The benefits of quartz are:

  • Non-porous surface
  • Man-made
  • Stronger minerals (93% quartz)
  • 118 x 53 slab limitation

Design trends

cambria-edge-fs-rightIf you’re looking to update your countertops, but aren’t sure what color or design to choose, Cambria has two design centers: IMS building and Gallery @ 7th.  The trends in the Midwest are patterns that have more wild movements but contain neutral tones; whereas, on the west coast solid patterns and monochromatic tones are more popular. Cambria offers a wide variety of tones, patterns and edging designs. There’s only one price for edging, but the most popular choices are FS or T. Designs that have more of a softer edge with a slight radius tend to complement neutral tones the best.

Why Cambria?

The Davis family has been running a successful creamery and dairy business since 1936, but it wasn’t until 1999 that they entered the quartz surface industry. The first plant opened in 2001 in Le Sueur, Minnesota and quickly became and remains the industry leader. As the competition between granite and quartz heated up, Cambria changed the game by developing the technology to offer unique designs that closely resemble the veins and movements of granite. Cambria stands behind its products so much they offer a comprehensive lifetime warranty. Their product requires no maintenance or sealants—just the normal cleaning regiment with soap and water. Cambria’s countertops have earned the NSF rating for food safety, ensuring the surface is clean, safe and sanitary for food preparation. Lastly, Cambria is a family-owned American made product, with plans to double its manufacturing efforts, creating 220 jobs.

Thinking about a countertop update or what your LDK First Impressions home will look like with Cambria? Stop by the Gallery or the IMS building to look at samples and talk to one of the Cambria representatives OR check out the LDK First Impressions design center—we have a great selection of samples and are here to help!

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Get that curb appeal /get-that-curb-appeal/ /get-that-curb-appeal/#respond Wed, 07 Aug 2013 17:56:18 +0000 /?p=2018 RetainingWallWhile designing a new home, many people forget the importance of curb appeal. The last thing you want to see is a disheveled landscape every time you enter and exit your home; your front yard is likely the part of your home you see most often, and your guests’ first impressions are made from the driveway, so you want your landscape to set a good mood for you and for everyone that sees your home.

If you are ready to plan your landscape, but are feeling a little overwhelmed by the job, here are a few things you need to consider to get started:

Homeowners’ Associations

Is your new home in a neighborhood governed by a homeowners’ association? If so, they will have plenty to say about how you landscape. Make sure to check with the association about their rules and regulations before falling in love with any one design plan.


You need to keep the landscape features in proportion with the size of your home. You just spent a lot of time and money on designing your home, so don’t let your landscape overrun the yard or hide the house.  Always consider the mature size of the plants you purchase. That 8-foot tree you buy at the garden store can easily double or triple in size in several years.

The size of your home does not have to limit what you can do. Click here for great ideas for utilizing the space in a small yard.


Diversity is the spice of life, so make sure to have some fun with what you are planting. Just be careful not to have so many different types of plants that your landscape becomes overwhelming and unnoticed. Blank space is a landscape feature, as well. Use open spaces to direct the eye to focal points.

If you have a lot of room to work worth, consider sectioning off areas to create outdoor “rooms.” These rooms can have different themes so you can indulge on buying a variety of plants.

Plant Personality

Every plant has its own personality. Some need lots of water, some need only a little sun, and some can suffocate the other plants and take over a garden. When selecting plants for your yard, you need to consider what the conditions are like on your property and how much work you are willing to put into maintenance. Nature can limit what you buy. If your yard is shaded, you will need to buy plants that can grow with only a little light. If it doesn’t rain much in your area, you will have to either get plants that are not very thirsty or dedicate the time to watering them daily.


It may be best to make a detailed map of your property so that you know what boundaries need to be considered in your landscape plan. This is often something that is provided during the home building process, but if you are making current changes to your home now (before you build your new home) then be sure to keep boundaries in mind.

The map will illustrate what landscaping options are possible and which ones will be an inconvenience.  Boundaries and limitations you should incorporate into the map include:

  • The house itself
  • Property lines and the neighbors’ landscape
  • Existing plants
  • Utilities (dryer vent, air conditioner / heat pump)
  • Service areas (dog kennel, storage buildings, trash cans)
  • Views you wish to preserve or hide
  • Downspouts and drains
  • Grades / slopes / drainage
  • Any existing irrigation systems

Ask for Help

Chances are you are not a professional at this so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Garden center employees know plenty about landscaping and if they can’t specifically answer your question, they will know whom to ask. At LDK First Impressions, we use Bleeker’s Landscaping and Cedar Creek Sprinklers. All of our new homes come standard with a landscape package that includes sod in front and back of home, lawn irrigation, rocks and/or mulch, front yard plantings and a boulevard tree.

Yes, planning a landscape can be difficult, but it is worth the time. A beautiful landscape can be just the pick-me-up you need some mornings on the way to work and it can act as a natural oasis when you want to kick back and relax.

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The right time to build /the-right-time-to-build/ /the-right-time-to-build/#respond Tue, 30 Jul 2013 07:45:40 +0000 /?p=1932 homebuilding[1]The real estate market is a tumultuous place right now. Home prices are rising, mortgage rates are going up, and inventory is still low. With higher prices and lower inventory in existing homes, who wants to settle for good enough? It might be time to build.

Low existing home inventory

Even with home prices rising, there aren’t a lot of new listings for existing property. This is making it harder for buyers to find the home they want in the area they want at the price they want. When you build, you have more control over those factors.

It’s a seller’s market

The low inventory makes the current real estate market a seller’s market. That means, buyers lose bargaining power with sellers and have more competition from other buyers. You may end up in bidding wars once you find the property you want. Building a home puts you in control and eliminates the competition.

You have time

The right time to build is when you have a little time before you need to be in your new home. If you make an accepted offer on an existing property, you could be moving in within 30 days. Building a home can take more time, although not as much time as you may think. Builders who use predetermined floor plans can speed up the process.

The right time of year

Even in Minnesota, with the right weather conditions and the proper tools, new home construction can start anytime, even winter. The right time of year to build all depends on when you want to move into your home and how long the project will take. A home started late fall might not be finished as quickly as a home started early Spring, but with so many variables there is no “one” good time of year to start. An experienced builder can help you understand the process and decide when to build. When you know you want to build, start the process, no matter what time of year it is!

Green Living

Deciding that it’s time to build has to do with where you are in your home buying process as well as current trends in the market. Right now, green is trending. Do you want an energy efficient home, one that will save you money on utility bills and make you feel good about the size of your carbon footprint? New construction can save home builders upwards of thirty percent on energy costs. Homes today are built to be more energy efficient than homes twenty years ago; building new can save you time and money on updates.

The right time to build a home is when you’re ready. Are you viewing listed homes and attending open houses then going home and sketching out your own ideas for improving them? If you’re in the market for a new home and you can’t find what you want where you want it, or if you want more control over what your home looks like; it’s time to build.

If you’re thinking it’s time to build, we’d love to talk to you about how you can get everything you need in your new home and the building experience.

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A perfect fit: We’ve got a model for you /a-perfect-fit-weve-got-a-model-for-you/ /a-perfect-fit-weve-got-a-model-for-you/#respond Tue, 23 Jul 2013 17:46:20 +0000 /?p=1913 Throughout our 35 years, from linoleum to granite countertops, we’ve seen it all! We strive to keep abreast of the latest trends, to truly build and furnish the home of your dreams, within your price range. Even though the 4th of July is over, we’d like to give a nod to how we are making the American Dream a reality for families in the metro area. Still a little unsure of how we work or what we do? We’ve chosen to highlight two of our most popular model home plans: The Summit and The Sturbridge.

What to expect

Unlike other Minnesota home builders, at LDK First Impressions, we work with every family to customize, to the best of our ability, the plans to your tastes; however, if we can’t fix it, then we work with our partner division, LDK Homes, to provide the solution. Every model and floor plan comes with standard interior features such as Cambria counter tops, Sherwin William’s paint, solid hardwood floors, 9 ft. main floor ceilings and cultured marble counter tops, all thanks to our partners. Depending on lot size and city/community regulations, almost any plan will fit in our neighborhoods. Once you choose a plan, our staff will invite you to the design center to start selecting exterior and interior paint colors, cabinetry, flooring, counter tops, fixtures, and even adding or removing walls to your new home.

SummitOutsideThe Summit

We are proud to announce two of The Summit floor plans will be featured in this fall’s 2013 Parade of Homes. According to LeAnn Czech, an LDK First Impressions designer, The Summit can best be described as “grand.” With all stainless steel kitchen appliances,Cambria countertops, 2nd floor loft, stone fireplace and a gourmet kitchen, you wouldn’t expect anything less. This floor plan includes, but is not limited to:

  •  3,585 finished square feet over two floors (main and upper level)SummitMaster
  • Master bedroom to master bathroom wrap around walk-in closets
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 3 ½ baths

While this lady is grand, indeed, talk to our staff to see which neighborhood or lot size will be the perfect fit for The Summit. Are you anxious to take a peak inside? The Summit can be seen in Towne Lakes.

SturbridgeOutsideThe Sturbridge

The Sturbridge, Dorchester and New York all share the same interior floor plan, but the exterior facing distinguishes and dictates the name of the homes. Czech describes The Sturbridge floor plan as, “[a] beautiful open floor plan that’s comfortable in size.” Being slightly smaller in square footage, this is still our most popular floor plan. Some of the comfortable features are:

  • 4 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • Formal dinning room
  • Main floor den
  • Generous cabinet space

SturbridgeLivingWe understand building a home can be a stressful situation, when faced to make so many decisions. At LDK First Impressions, we like to think we make planning and choosing your home fun. Take the guesswork out of creating your own blueprint and let our specialists help you decide which home is right for you. Bring the excitement back to homebuilding with a model plan from LDK First Impressions! Call Bill Roemer at (763) 221.8481 or contact us online to learn more!

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Be picky about paint: How to choose the right colors for your home /be-picky-about-paint-how-to-choose-the-right-colors-for-your-home/ /be-picky-about-paint-how-to-choose-the-right-colors-for-your-home/#respond Wed, 10 Jul 2013 18:38:25 +0000 /?p=1592 ColorDeckThe finishing touches on a home are as important as picking out the square footage and model. Make sure you feel comfortable with your interior design, as, after all, you’ll be living with it! Whether you’re buying new furnishings or trying to update the interior of your house, we’ve teamed up with our partner, Sherwin Williams, for a brief “Painting 101” session.  If you have more specific questions, call or stop by one of the several Minnesota locations to speak with a trained associate.

So whether you’re building with us now, getting your home ready to sell, or simply looking to update your current home, here are some great ideas from Cody Samler at the Albertville Sherwin Williams location, in a Q&A format:

What should I do to prepare?

First and foremost, if the wall has wallpaper be sure to completely remove it before painting. There are tools you can use to help score (poke holes in the wallpaper) to make it easier to remove. Scoring is popular, as it takes some of labor out of peeling the wallpaper back. Once most or all of the paper is removed, soak the wall either in warm soapy water or “diff.” This will help release the glue from the wall, in order for easier painting prep. There are three basic rules to remember before painting. The surface should be:

  • Clean
  • Dry
  • Dull

What colors are best to work with?

Choosing to paint with color is growing in popularity, but remember, if you are trying to sell your home, sticking to neutral or warm beige tones are best. According to Sherwin Williams’ “Top 50 Most Popular Colors of 2013” guide, some of the more popular colors are:

  • Latte
  • Tony Taupe
  • Camelback
  • Svelte Sage
  • Gauntlet Grey

If you are unsure about which colors to choose, the expert advice is to start small and use the color as an accent wall. It’ll help ease the transition into using bolder colors.

How many coats of primer should I use and what type?

Choosing the right primer depends on which color you choose. It’s recommended to pick as close to white as possible in order to give the wall a clean coating; however, all Sherwin Williams colors come with a recommended primer chip, numbered P1-P5. These chips range in varying shades of grey, to compliment the choice of color. Typically, one coat will suffice.

What finish should I use, and how long should the paint dry?

Choosing a finish all depends on which room will be painted. For areas with more moisture (e.g. kitchen and bathrooms) using a higher sheen finish will help make the paint and wall more durable. If you are choosing a darker color or if the paint strokes weren’t even enough, choose a flat finish. This will help to hide imperfections on the wall.

The actual recommended drying time might shock you: 30 days. While most can’t afford to have their house in disarray for this long, at least a week is strongly encouraged. The paint needs time to cure and build a film on the wall. If you put up fixtures or pictures too soon you run the risk of ripping the paint and wall off.

Why Sherwin Williams?

The biggest difference between Sherwin Williams and other paint companies is we research, develop and manufacture the paint ourselves. All of our associates are trained on all of our products, so you can be reassured everyone at your local store will know just how to help you. We just recently partnered with Pottery Barn, PBteen, West Elm and Pottery Barn Kids to create seasonal color palettes that perfectly compliment the Pottery Barn brand’s home furnishing and decor.

Painting can be a tricky job and while some might find the satisfaction of doing it themselves, others are more than happy to pass the buck to the professionals. Either way, choosing the right colors for your home can not only complete your interior design but also help sell your home. If unsure about which colors or preparations to do, always ask the expert advice from an associate at your local Sherwin Williams’ store.

We encourage you to share your favorite pictures and success stories of the painted rooms in your home on the LDK First Impressions Facebook page!

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Where to celebrate the 4th of July in your community /where-to-celebrate-the-4th-of-july-in-your-community/ /where-to-celebrate-the-4th-of-july-in-your-community/#respond Tue, 02 Jul 2013 15:00:12 +0000 /?p=1563 july-4-fireworksHappy 237th birthday America! Yeah that’s right; the United States of America is 237 years old this year! So, how will you celebrate our beloved countries 237th birthday, this year?

We found some great local options to choose from. Take a look at what’s happening in your community during this year’s 4th of July:

A few of the highlights

The City of Chanhassen celebrates the 4th of July like it is going out of style! Around the outskirts of Eden Prairie, Chanhassen goes all out; from a Medallion hunt to a parade–there is everything for everyone. Spending America’s 237th birthday in Chanhassen is not a bad idea, there are 6 public beaches, and fireworks for all. So if you’re in the neighborhood, you will definitely want to check out the food, carnival, and how the locals of Chanhassen celebrate Independence Day!

If Annandale is more your style, they have a great festival as well that includes a parade, talent show, fireworks, royalty coronation, carnival, music in the park, and more! Annandale is located about a half hour away from St. Michael/Albertville, but it is a great celebration!

If you have your own plans for the day such as enjoying the sunshine out on the lake, barbequing with family and friends, or having a relaxing day inside, no one can ignore the roar of the fireworks outside. Many neighboring towns have firework celebrations throughout the summer. Here is the short list of those who are having fireworks on July 4 around the area:

Eden Prairie
Time: 10 p.m.
Location: Round Lake Park (16691 Valley View Road)
The Eden Prairie Hometown Celebration will be held from 5 to 11 p.m. July 4. The event will include music and food, and will culminate in a 10 p.m. fireworks show.
More info

Elk River
Time: 10 p.m. (Family activities, food, music and more begin at 4 p.m.)
Location: Lions Park (1104 Lions Park Drive)
More info

Time: Dusk
Location: Excelsior Commons (Lake Street and West Lake Street)
More info

St. Cloud
Time: 10 p.m.
Location: Hester Park and Wilson Park (1020 N. 6th Ave)
Admission: Free
More info

St. Louis Park
Time: 10 p.m. (Concessions, vendors and live music from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.)
Location: Aquila Park (3110 Xylon Ave. S.)
More info

Looking for additional places to watch some fireworks? CBS Minnesota has created a list of the best firework viewing locations.

No matter the way you celebrate the 4th of July, just remember: in 1776 our founding fathers freed the United States from Great Britain—the foundation of the land of the free and the home of the brave was established 237 years ago and is still around today! Happy Birthday America, here is to 237 years and many more!

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